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Editors’ Picks of the Week: Certina, Reservoir, and Tudor

By Balazs Ferenczi
Editors’ Picks of the Week: Certina, Reservoir, and Tudor

Editors’ Picks of the Week: Certina, Reservoir, and Tudor

Great Watches Under $5,000

Certina DS PH200M Blue/Black

Certina has been on a roll lately, achieving just the right balance between new models and vintage remakes. More than a few collectors were in awe when they introduced the “first” DS PH200M, which was actually a faithful reinterpretation of a diver from a bygone era. It was nicely crafted, super affordable, and fun. The next surprise came when, based on that remake, they created the Certina DS PH200M in both blue and black. The black model has an aluminum bezel, while the blue model features a ceramic one – a first in the DS PH200M line. The Certina DS PH200M is a sporty watch with excellent wrist presence. Whether you choose the blue version or the more subtle black model, you can be sure you’re getting a wonderful timepiece.

Enthusiast’s Corner: Rare and Exceptional Timepieces

Reservoir Supercharged

Who doesn’t like a watch that’s a bit off the beaten path? Take this Reservoir Supercharged and its attention-grabbing execution, for example. This French company produces Swiss-made watches inspired by motorsport. Their penchant for retrograde displays sets this brand apart from the competition and challenge the status quo. The Reservoir Supercharged collection features a single central minute hand reminiscent of the needle on a speedometer. This hand travels from 8 to 4 o’clock to count off the minutes, jumping back to its starting position at the end of every 60-minute cycle. This causes the hour window to flip one step forward, and the process starts again. A large cutout between 5 and 7 o’clock resembles a fuel gauge and (appropriately) serves as the power reserve indicator for these timepieces. The Reservoir Supercharged has “stolen” many small details from the automotive industry, creating a fine blend of industrial and modern elements.

Iconic Timepieces: Great Value for Money

Tudor Pelagos LHD

The Tudor Pelagos is often considered the big brother to the Black Bay line. Its titanium case is 42 mm wide, super light, and very wearable. You can spot a Pelagos just by looking at its dial. It features large square indices as opposed to the round ones you’ll find on the Black Bay. And then there’s the Pelagos with the crown on the left side, the Tudor Pelagos LHD. That’s right, the crown on these models sits at 9 o’clock. Apart from this, the watch functions exactly like any other timepiece in Tudor’s portfolio. It’s available exclusively in black with beige luminescent coating on the indices. Meanwhile, the “normal” Pelagos with the crown at 3 o’clock comes in black or blue with a whiter index color. The Tudor Pelagos LHD is a fun watch with a delightful twist that has what it takes to become a classic.

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