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Editors’ Picks of the Week: Omega, Rolex, and Zenith

By Donato Andrioli

Editors’ Picks of the Week: Omega, Rolex, and Zenith

Great Watches Under $5,000 

The All-Arounder: Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 

The Aqua Terra is an independent line within Omega’s beloved Seamaster collection. The watch combines some of the famous diver’s technical advantages with a simple, elegant aesthetic. The METAS-certified Co-Axial moment is accurate to between 0 and +5 seconds per day, boasts a 60-hour power reserve, and can withstand magnetic fields up to 15,000 gauss. The watch also makes an excellent choice for amateur divers with its 150 m (492 ft) of water resistance. I personally think the highlight of the Aqua Terra is its teak sunburst dial. The pattern is clearly inspired by the deck planks of yachts and gives the watch a unique look with high recognition value. Omega offers this watch in two different sizes (38 and 41 mm) and with a wide range of dial colors, meaning you can select a look to suit your personal style. 

Enthusiast’s Corner: Rare and Exceptional Timepieces

The Eastern Rolex: Rolex Submariner Ref. 16613 “Serti Dial“

The timeless Rolex Submariner is one of the greatest icons the watch world has ever known – and rightly so. That being said, its classic looks, reserved design, and perceived omnipresence leave some watch fans missing an individual touch. With that in mind, I’ve chosen a variant that is quite rare and anything but ordinary: the Submariner ref. 16613 “Serti Dial.” Rolex fans affectionately refer to this ref. as the “Sultan” – and for good reason. The timepiece boasts round diamond indices paired with dark rubies at 6, 9, and 12 o’clock. Combined with the dial’s sunburst pattern and golden bezel accents, the gemstones give the watch a unique, Eastern look. The two-tone Submariner “Serti Dial” comes in several permutations, including variants with a black or blue bezel and a gold or silver dial. Regardless of which watch you choose, one thing is certain: This is one of the most extraordinary Subs out there. While it may not be suitable for everyday use, it will definitely draw some attention to your wrist. 

Iconic Timepieces: Great Value for Money 

Sporty and Elegant: The Zenith Chronomaster Sport 

I won’t blame you if you look at the Zenith Chronomaster Sport and immediately think of another famous chronograph. However, if you look closely, you’ll see that Zenith wasn’t going for a remake but rather hand-selected the best features from all previous versions of the legendary El Primero. That’s why I’ve chosen this recently released timepiece as this week’s “icon.” The Zenith Chronomaster Sport offers a lot of watch for the money. While a few characteristics are strikingly similar to the Rolex Daytona, Zenith has added plenty of features to set the watch apart, including a column-wheel chronograph with automatic winding that can measure to within a tenth of a second, a date complication, ceramic bezel, 60-hour power reserve, and a view of the beautiful El Primero movement through the display case back. All of these features come together in a sporty and elegant case with a modern size of 41 mm. The Chronomaster Sport is undoubtedly one of this year’s most exciting releases. What it may lack in individual identity, it certainly makes up for in technology, giving similarly-priced rivals from Rolex and Omega a run for their money. 

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With the purchase of my Tudor Black Bay 41, I discovered a passion for mechanical watches. I am particularly drawn to iconic watches with long and exciting histories.

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